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Can you receive surgery for arthritis of the spine?

Surgery is a potential treatment option for spinal arthritis, although it is not necessary for every individual with the condition. For many people, nonsurgical treatments can address symptoms well enough that surgery is not even a consideration. However, in the event that nonsurgical treatment does not produce the desired results, surgery may become an option.

While surgery isn’t able to cure spinal arthritis, it can limit the body’s ability to register pain in the arthritic joint(s) so that it cannot send pain signals to the brain. It is also possible to surgically remove bone spurs, should they develop as a result of arthritis-induced bone-on-bone friction.

Types of surgery for spinal arthritis

There are two main types of surgery that can be used to treat spinal arthritis. Traditional open neck or back surgery are two options, although these procedures require large incisions and extended hospital stays. Minimally invasive surgery is another option that, when performed at USA Spine Care, offers many advantages versus open neck of back surgery.^ For instance, recovery times for minimally invasive arthritis of the spine surgery tend to be shorter as a result of its muscle-sparing techniques. ^

When to consider surgical treatment

If you’ve been using conservative therapies, such as medication and physical therapy, for several months but haven’t found the relief you need, it may be time to start considering your surgical options. A medical professional can review your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle to help you determine if surgery might be right for you (and if so, whether a traditional or minimally invasive approach is better suited to your needs).

At USA Spine Care, we have a proven track record of successful minimally invasive spine surgeries.^ To learn more about minimally invasive surgery for arthritis of the spine, contact us today.

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