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Three signs you need annular tear surgery

An annular tear is described as a small defect in the disc, generally in the lower back. The leaked disc material can irritate the nerves and cause debilitating pain. If you’ve just been diagnosed with an annular tear, you may be wondering if you will have to undergo annular tear surgery to find relief from your chronic symptoms.

For many patients, annular tear surgery does not become an option for treatment because their symptoms are relieved with a series of conservative treatments, like anti-inflammatories, chiropractic care, physical therapy, traction therapy or steroid injections. However, it’s important to read the following article to learn what signs to watch for during your treatment regimen as a way to determine whether or not you may be facing spine surgery.

Am I a candidate for annular tear surgery?

Here are the top three signs you may need annular tear surgery to treat your condition:

  1. Your symptoms are not responding to conservative treatment. While many patients are able to find relief from conservative treatment plans, not all conservative treatments are effective methods of pain relief for every person. Some patients may require annular tear surgery if the symptoms of the condition stay the same or worsen after several months of nonsurgical therapies.
  2. You are having difficulty performing daily activities. If you are following a conservative treatment regimen and you are still having difficulty performing daily activities like household chores and driving, you may require annular tear surgery.
  3. You suffered a sudden traumatic injury. While many cases of annular tears can be treated with conservative therapy, sometimes an annular tear caused by a sudden trauma requires annular tear surgery to address the damage in the spine. Your doctor will determine if this is your best option after performing a series of imaging tests and physical exams.

Annular tear minimally invasive treatment options

If you are recommended for annular tear surgery, contact USA Spine Care today. We offer minimally invasive spine surgery as a safer and effective alternative to traditional open neck and back surgery.^ Our facilities offer a variety of surgical options depending on the type, size and location of the annular tear. One surgical option performed by our board-certified surgeons+ is a stabilization procedure, where implants are used to replace the damaged disc by using a small incision that spares the large muscles surrounding the spine. Thereby, allowing our patients to experience lasting relief.

We also offer an exclusive LaserDisc® procedure, where we have invented a process to harvest a patient’s stem cells, spin them, concentrate them and inject them into the damaged disc. Thus, allowing the stem cells to develop into disc cells and cause a healing and production of disc material at the tear site. Because we use minimally invasive techniques during our procedures, our patients can benefit from a shorter recovery time and lower risk of complication compared to traditional open spine surgery.^

To find out if you’re a candidate for one of our minimally invasive procedures, reach out to USA Spine Care and request a no-cost MRI review.*

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