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How massage therapy can effectively treat degenerative spine conditions

For patients who have a degenerative spine condition affecting their quality of life, relief is possible. In recent years, the popularity of holistic treatment has continued to grow and one of the consistently favored treatments has been massage therapy. While many of us might associate a massage with a relaxing shoulder rub at a spa, deep tissue massage can also be an effective means for overcoming neck and back pain from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or another degenerative spine condition.

The benefits of therapeutic massage for a spine condition

The main goal of massage therapy is to relieve tension in the neck and back muscles that support the spinal column. Muscle tension is extremely common and can lead to injury, slow down recovery and add strain to the spinal column, effectively accelerating the onset of degenerative spine conditions. A licensed massage therapist or physical therapist is able to use specific techniques that are designed to stimulate muscles, release acid and waste in the tissue and relax the muscles.

Other benefits of massage include:

  • Increased circulation (blood flow)
  • Relaxation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Full range of motion at joints
  • Relief from fluid retention
  • Prevention of spasms and cramps

Further treatment for a degenerative spine

Massage therapy can be combined with other options such as spinal injections, physical therapy and medication as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. If weeks or months of conservative treatments, including massage therapy, are unable to provide lasting relief, surgery can become an option. If you are being recommended for surgery, contact USA Spine Care. Since 2005 we have helped more than 75,000 patients find relief for neck or back pain with minimally invasive spine surgery that is an outpatient alternative to traditional open neck or back procedures.

To find out if you are a potential candidate for one of our procedures, our caring and dedicated team is happy to offer a no-cost MRI review* to help you find out.

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