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Degenerative disc disease treatment: having realistic expectations

Prior to beginning degenerative disc disease treatment, a great preliminary step is to educate yourself about this condition and the therapeutic options available to you. This will help give you peace of mind that you understand your treatment plan and have the right expectations for the time ahead. Having the right mindset is a commonly overlooked part of effective treatment and can help you communicate better with your doctor to develop a plan that is best for you.

What you should expect from treatment

Here’s some advice to keep in mind as you prepare for degenerative disc disease treatment:

  • Surgery isn’t inevitable. Many patients wonder if surgery will eventually be required to find relief, but it is usually viewed as a last-resort option. Often, a course of conservative techniques can help relieve the strain on the spine and manage symptoms enough to engage in regular activities.
  • It takes time. While conservative treatment can be beneficial, it also takes time. Don’t let frustration set in if results are not immediate. This is especially true if there are recommended lifestyle changes such as following a weight-loss plan or quitting smoking.
  • Trial and error may be required. Many different degenerative disc disease treatment options are available, but not every method is right for every patient. As a result, finding the best combination of treatment methods often requires patience and a willingness to adjust to the plan over time. Some trial and error is essential for developing a comprehensive approach to managing the condition.
  • Be open to alternative treatments. While complementary and alternative medicine remains the source of some dispute in the mainstream medical community, many people report these types of treatments as being helpful. Deep tissue massage, chiropractic adjustment and herbal remedies are all quite popular. If you do pursue alternative medicine, find a reputable practitioner and keep your primary doctor informed to avoid interfering with conventional treatments.

If surgery does become an option

Degenerative disc disease treatment is a process that often involves incremental improvement, so it’s important to remain positive and committed to your treatment plan. However, if after several weeks or months you have not found the results you expect, you may be referred to a specialist to consult for spine surgery.

Reach out to USA Spine Care if you do find yourself considering surgery. We provide minimally invasive spine surgery that offers our patients a streamlined outpatient experience and no lengthy recovery compared to traditional open neck or back procedures.^

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