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What to expect from degenerative disc disease surgery

Degenerative disc disease surgery is intended to address the potentially painful symptoms directly at their source. This is in contrast to conservative options which are designed to help manage symptoms and improve mobility. Typically, before surgery can be examined as an option for treatment of degenerative disc disease, patients are advised to explore nonsurgical approaches first. In many cases, people can find sufficient relief from their symptoms without the need to undergo surgery. Options like medication, physical therapy and other nonsurgical methods are very often helpful in relieving symptoms to allow for a good quality of life and a return to normal activities. As you consider your possible treatments, it’s important to understand what to expect from surgery.

Recovery times for surgery are influenced by many factors

Specific recovery times will vary based on what type of surgery you’re having, as well as the approach used during the operation. For example, a traditional open spine procedure will typically involve a longer recovery period compared to a minimally invasive degenerative disc disease surgery. The timeframe will also largely depend on your overall health and age. Talk with your surgeon to get an idea about the specific recovery timeframe that he or she predicts for you, barring any unforeseen complications. With this information, you can clear your schedule for the surgery itself. This should include plans to take off from work or refrain from strenuous activities just after the surgery. Your surgeon may also advise you to avoid certain activities for weeks or months following the procedure, including heavy lifting, driving or golfing, among others.

As you recover from degenerative disc disease surgery

You should be prepared for a bit of soreness as you heal from your procedure, but you should also begin to feel some relief from your previous symptoms. Take it easy and follow the schedule that your surgeon or medical team has given you for returning to normal activities, but be sure to note how you’re feeling during recovery. If your symptoms don’t seem to be going away, you’re experiencing new or worsening symptoms, or you notice signs of infection, like swelling, be sure to notify your surgeon or physician immediately.

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