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Collapsed Disc Articles

Being Comfortable in the Office with a Collapsed Disc
Treating your neck or back pain from a collapsed disc can be much more difficult at the office than it is from the comfort of your home. When you’re at home, it’s much easier to move around when your neck or back gets stiff, take prescription medication as needed or prop yourself on the couch with...

Tips to Grocery Shop with a Collapsed Disc
If you have a collapsed disc or any other degenerative spine condition, you probably know all too well the impact that this frustrating condition can have on daily activity. Something as simple as doing your weekly grocery shopping can suddenly turn into a painful affair. Even when you’re in the middle...

How Golf Can Contribute to a Collapsed Disc
Golf is an extremely popular sport that is played worldwide by people of all ages. It’s great exercise, a social event and can have a number of long-term health benefits. However, a disadvantage of playing golf regularly is the potential for back pain and its contribution to the onset of a collapsed...


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