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USA Spine Care treatment options for spinal narrowing

At USA Spine Care, we offer a number of treatment options for patients who have been diagnosed with spinal narrowing. While nonsurgical methods help many find lasting relief and a return to normal functioning, for others, surgery can become the most promising form of treatment. Surgery is seen as a source of anxiety for patients however because of the nature of traditional open spine surgery. Open neck or back procedures often involve a large muscle-tearing incision that can lead to blood loss and require overnight hospitalization followed by a long, sometimes painful, recovery period.

At USA Spine Care we perform minimally invasive spine surgery that uses a less than 1-inch incision to reach the spine and relieve spinal narrowing with an outpatient procedure. This means less risk of complication and a shorter recovery period^ for our patients when compared with traditional open spine surgery. The following information about spinal narrowing and the treatment options offered at USA Spine Care can help you make a more informed decision with the best chance of getting back to a healthy, active life.

What causes spinal narrowing?

Spinal narrowing most often develops as a result of years of wear on the spinal anatomy. Also known as spinal stenosis, this condition becomes problematic when nerve spaces narrow to the point that the spinal cord or a nerve root becomes constricted. When this happens, the body can respond with a number of uncomfortable symptoms, depending on the location or severity of the constriction.

Specific conditions that cause spinal narrowing include bulging and herniated discs, bone spurs, hardened ligaments and inflamed spinal joints.

Spinal narrowing treatment at USA Spine Care

These are some of the minimally invasive treatment options offered for spinal narrowing at USA Spine Care’s state-of-the-art outpatient facilities:

  • Laminotomy — a procedure designed to remove a portion of the bony vertebral arch, known as the lamina, in order to restore space within the spinal canal
  • Foraminotomy — a procedure designed to add space to the foramina, which are the narrow passageways that nerves travel through when they enter and exit the spinal column
  • Discectomy — the removal of the portion of a herniated or bulging disc that is causing the spinal narrowing
  • Minimally invasive stabilization — a procedure designed to remove a severely degenerated disc and stabilize the spinal segment

These procedures are all performed on an outpatient basis, where patients are encouraged to be up and walking within hours of surgery and spend the night in a hotel or in the comfort of their own home.

To learn more about the various treatment options that we offer at USA Spine Care for spinal narrowing, reach out to us today. To determine if you are a potential candidate for our procedures, we offer a no-cost review of your MRI or CT scan.*

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