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Should you go the gym with a disc protrusion?

A disc protrusion is a condition where one of the spinal discs, which support and cushion the vertebrae, protrudes out of its normal place in the spinal column, potentially causing painful nerve compression. If you are a normally active person, this can be a frustrating diagnosis and may make you wonder how it’s going to affect your normal level of activity.

The good news is that exercising, including going to the gym, is an important part of the treatment and recovery process for this condition. The following information can help you develop an exercise plan as part of your care plan for a disc protrusion.

Getting regular exercise if you have a disc protrusion

The first step in resuming an exercise routine after being diagnosed with a disc protrusion is to speak with your doctor about what level of physical activity, if any, you are cleared for. You may have to alter the frequency, intensity or type of exercise you are used to engaging in, especially at first. Physical therapy or rehabilitation may also be recommended to help you regain your full range of motion.

Whether or not you can resume going to the gym may also depend on the type of exercise you are used to doing. Here are some forms of exercise that are commonly used as part of treatment for spine conditions like disc protrusion:

  • Restorative yoga
  • Stationary bicycling
  • Water aerobics
  • Pilates

Ask your current or prospective gym if they have any of the above classes, or any programs that are designed to be restorative or therapeutic.

Conservative and surgical treatment for disc protrusion

Exercise combined with pain management techniques like hot and cold compression, massage, medication or spinal injections help many patients find relief from symptoms related to a disc protrusion, but they don’t work for everyone. Contact USA Spine Care to learn more about the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery if you have been recommended to undergo a surgical procedure for treatment of a disc protrusion. Our board-certified surgeons+ use muscle-sparing techniques to access the spine, allowing for an outpatient procedure with many advantages compared to traditional procedures.

Ask for you no-cost MRI review* to determine if you may be a candidate for our minimally invasive spine surgery.

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