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Four tips from USA Spine Care to help you get a good night’s rest while dealing with symptoms of a disc extrusion

A disc extrusion is a condition in which a spinal disc develops a tear, causing some of its inner gel-like material to escape. When this inner material comes in contact with a nearby nerve root, it can cause pain that can interfere with normal activities, including sleeping.

Positions that can help you sleep when you have a disc extrusion

If pain or other symptoms from a disc extrusion are making it difficult for you to get a good night’s rest, you may want to consider changing your sleep position. Sometimes, making a few simple adjustments can keep your symptoms manageable. Here are some different sleep positions or adjustments that might help you find a comfortable way to sleep:

  1. Sleep on your stomach. This position can help reduce the amount of pressure on your spine and the spinal discs.
  2. Sleep on your side with a cushion or pillow between your knees. This position may help relieve pressure on the affected nerve root. Depending on the location of your disc extrusion, you may find that laying on either your right or left side more comfortable.
  3. Sleep on your back and elevate your knees by placing a pillow beneath them. Raising the knees and keeping your legs in a bent position can help relax the spine.
  4. Sleep in an armchair. If lying down in any position is uncomfortable, a recliner or armchair that keeps you partially upright may be the best option.

Seeking treatment for the symptoms of a disc extrusion

In addition to adjusting your sleep position, there are many other conservative treatment options that your physician may recommend to help alleviate symptoms. These may include approaches such as improving posture or losing weight, doing low-impact exercises, using hot and cold compresses and taking anti-inflammatory pain medications. For many individuals, these approaches will be sufficient in reducing their disc extrusion symptoms.

In more severe cases, patients may need to consider surgery to address the underlying condition. At USA Spine Care, our surgeons specialize in performing minimally invasive spinal surgery procedures to treat disc extrusion symptoms and other spinal conditions. To find out if outpatient surgery is the right option for you, contact USA Spine Care today.

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