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Three signs you need degenerative disc disease treatment

Degenerative disc disease affects millions of Americans every year. This condition is characterized by the deterioration of the cushioning discs that sit between each vertebra, or the bones of the spine. As we age, these discs begin to weaken and lose water content, reducing their volume and causing spinal components to shift. In some cases, the gel-like material located inside the discs begins to push outward, causing what is known as a bulging disc.

Signs you should seek degenerative disc disease treatment

Many people with degenerative disc disease do not experience any noticeable symptoms, or they find home remedies like over-the-counter medications and heat/ice therapy to be effective in relieving pain. However, it’s important to consult with a physician if:

  • You are experiencing tingling sensations, numbness or shooting or stabbing pain. These are signs you may be experiencing nerve compression, which will usually grow worse if left untreated.
  • Your pain worsens with time. This often means a disc injury is to blame for your discomfort, not just the occasional pain and stiffness that can sometimes occur after periods of unusually high or low activity.
  • Your pain prevents you from living life as normally would. You don’t need to have severe, debilitating symptoms to seek treatment for back pain. If you’d like to improve your mild to moderate symptoms, there are plenty of conservative therapies available to help relieve your discomfort and maximize your range of motion. Plus, addressing your back pain before it becomes severe can spare you from problems down the road.

Minimally invasive procedures for degenerative disc disease

While many people with degenerative disc disease are able to manage their pain with noninvasive techniques like physical therapy, gentle exercise and medications, some may require surgical intervention to relieve nerve compression and stabilize the spinal column.

USA Spine Care is a global leader in minimally invasive, outpatient spine surgery. Unlike traditional open spine surgeries that often require large incisions and considerable recovery time, our procedures use a less than 1-inch incision, involve muscle-sparing techniques and come with shorter recovery periods.^

Contact USA Spine Care today to schedule a no-cost MRI review* so you can find out if you are a candidatefor one of our minimally invasive, outpatient procedures.

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