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Five doctors who treat degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease is a broad condition that describes the breakdown of the spinal discs due to natural aging. The spinal discs separate and cushion the vertebrae in the spinal column, which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on them as they support the weight of the upper body and facilitate basic movement. Over time these discs lose water and protein content, making them less able to withstand everyday stresses.

Everyone experiences degenerative disc disease to some extent and this condition is not necessarily painful. People often are either incidentally diagnosed with this condition while seeking treatment for another issue, or find out about it after seeing their doctor regarding minor neck pain, back pain or other symptoms. If this condition does become debilitating, it can be difficult to know who to see for degenerative disc disease treatment due to the number of different doctors and specialists out there. The following guide is intended to help you make this decision on as knowledgeable a basis as possible.

Doctors for degenerative disc disease treatment

When seeking degenerative disc disease treatment, patients should consider the following medical professionals:

  1. Primary care doctor. Patients often start with a general practitioner for initial diagnosis and treatment, but may be referred to a specialist in some cases.
  2. Chiropractor. A chiropractor can provide spinal adjustments and other treatments that can temporarily relieve pressure on the discs and compressed nerves.
  3. Physiatrist. A physiatrist specializes in rehabilitative and physical medicine, providing degenerative disc disease treatment from a functional perspective.
  4. Neurologist. If a damaged disc is causing nerve compression and potential damage to nervous tissue, a neurologist may be recommended for advanced nerve testing and therapy.
  5. Spine surgeon. Surgery is usually a last-resort treatment for degenerative disc disease, but may be recommended if weeks or months of conservative treatments have not improved symptoms enough to resume normal activity.

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